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Dedication 3 by DLOOS
November 18, 2008, 8:06 am
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The new Lil Wayne mixtape, Dedication 3, is far less exciting to hear after having heard Carter 3, which could be considered a masterpiece of pop music in the sense that any track on the album could be a hit, not in the sense that any of his raps are ever interesting or fresh or new. The Dedication 3 is simply a distant echo of Carter 3 and several of these beats and lines have been used in previous mixtapes. Dedication 3 is either just another way to make money or to do exactly did do, promote up and coming artists in the “Cash Money Crew”, some of which can’t rap for shit but others can rap, some better than Wayne himself. On an ending note, by the end of this album I wanted to kill DJ Drama for yelling everything he says, especially “BARACK ODRAMA”.

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