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Thelonious Nigga! by Coco Butta

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No words Needed. I.A.W is done.

I Am Walrus – D-Dand, Topaz, Volition, Marty, Mars Prod. by Thelonious

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Montclair’s Swagger Like Us? by Coco Butta
November 21, 2008, 9:42 am
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Just leaked. 

I Am The Walrus – D-Dand, Mark V, Topaz. Prod Thelonious.

I want all ya’ll lil’ bloggers to give this a serious listen. Let me give you a little background on my town. We can’t rap. When I heard this, I basiclly nutted in my pants. This song is actually ridiculous. It’s on repeat on my computer, it should be on yours too. Ill hit ya’ll up when CDQ comes out.