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Intro/Our Man on Papa’s Day by Coco Butta
June 16, 2008, 2:28 am
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     This my first post so gimme a little lee-way here. But the cutting to the chase here. Our man Barack Obama gave a scorching Father’s Day address at one of the biggest African-American churches in Chicago. In his speech, he outlined the fact that many black fathers were “M.I.A. or A.W.O.L.” to name a couple of the terms he used. The fact is, more or less, he took the opportunity today to address an issue that has long been neglected by both sides of political aisle. 

This issue of single parenting is not just an issue that applies to areas like Chicago, New York, or LA, it applies to places closer to home. Like Newark, less than a mile from MTC. The fact is, much of the problem with crime, poverty and drugs, can all be traced back to the fact that many families have single moms, with spouses or boyfriends who are incarcerated, “M.I.A.” or dead in some cases. 

It is fundamental that one recognizes the importance of this. Single-parenting itself is not a bad thing per se, but the truth is, when a father has flown the coop, what does it demonstrate to the child? The necessity of responsibility, inside and outside the home. Be it at school, at a friend’s house, or even a party. On that cheerful note. . . 

I wish you all a happy Father’s Day, much love, and all that cal,