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Don’t Worry Bout’ Nuffin by Coco Butta
July 10, 2009, 2:31 pm
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Super_Friends.jpg super friends image by natiis_plan

Supergroup? I think the world knows the answer

Nothing to Worry About (Kickdrums Remix) –  Mick Boogie Featuring Wale, Young Chris + Rhymefest // Download Here

Shouts to Lex McFly.

Wow, not again by Coco Butta
January 13, 2009, 3:16 pm
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NIGGA I SHOULD BE SLEEP. But a stupid english teacher ( Not gonna say no names) has me up at night doing this paper of hers. Just checked the inbox, and got some new shit for yall.


Blame It [Freexmix] – Jamie Foxx featuring Freeway. Typical Jamie…but Freeway has been killing it latley, and keeps up the trend. 

Coolness – Rhymefest. Hey buddy! Where have you been?

Off and On by Coco Butta

So chcek it, this is whats going down. Every  member of hypekillaz is on some sort of vacation. 

Coco Butta- DC hangin with WALE and ready to suck kickfluentials dick cause he’s out of his cast 

Isodope- Idaho with country ass women(sexy and love him)

Kickfluencial- MV going in


Dope Boys (RMX) – Greg Street & Don Cannon Featuring Lupe Fiasco, Wale & Kardinal Offishall. Lupe verse is recycled, but I don’t really give a fuck. This Shit is hot. Cop this.


Jay-Z “Jockin’ Jay-Z”. Nuff said. This is the actual FULL mp3, not just the snippet. 

Rhymefest  – Stolen

So basiclly the new posting will be somewhat sporadic from now until the 16th. Hold tight dedicated readers cause hot shits still on the way…..HYPEKILLAZ T-SHIRTS. Hit Em’ Up

New Rhymefest by Coco Butta
August 9, 2008, 7:19 pm
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Rhymefest at Intonation 2006 by Shane Bee.

Two new tracks from Rhymefest. Dope illness and ridiculousness. Starting off with “In Between“, this track has the vibe of “Dynamite” from his earlier in his first album Blue Collar. I heard this track and I was like “ahh shiettt this nigga Rhymefest is eating his Wheaties” On the other hand “Force Of Nature” has a secret agent guitar riff, and he is discussing governmental issues and natural disasters. Some people say you should re-invent your self, but in this case…..Rhymefest should keep up what he’s doing.

Rhymefest and Jadakiss by isodope
July 30, 2008, 9:57 pm
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I’ve always respected Rhymefest as an artist, but he never puts out big albums.  Jada’s flow on “what’s up” on point.  Check it here …And Chamillionare, not bad…

ya’ boys back! by Coco Butta



yeeeaah I know ya’ll missed me. I been busy for the last week and I haven’t updated in a few, but i’m back so WHATS GOOD?!

Some music I heard while I was out:

Lupe Fiaso – 4 Real

Brooklyn Zu ft. RZAMonk & Shavo Odadjian – If I Had A Gun 

Kidz In The Hall ft. Pacific DivisionTygaGlasses Malone &Mistah FAB – Drivin’ Down The Block (West Coast Remix)

Bump J ft. Kanye WestRhymefest & Keyshia Cole – Pusha Man (Remix)

Papoose – Brooklyn

BK Cyph – Let The Beat Build Freestyle

The Game ft. Keyshia ColeJadakissBun BPusha TFat Joe,Young

Buck & Queen Latifah – Pain (Remix) 

Raekwon – Trenchman